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I’ve always had a deeper connection to the healing arts. Through massage therapy and herbalism, I am able to use these tools to find the root of an issue and create more balance, relaxation, and space to heal. Helping others to heal is a big passion of mine. I've worked in the massage therapy realm since 2011, specializing in mobility, body mechanics, deep tissue, acute, chronic pain management, pre/post-natal care, and herbal therapies.

Each massage is catered towards you and your body in a safe, cozy space for you to relax and reset. Extra tools I may add are hot stones, hot towels, a heated mat, and cupping. 

75 min $135 | 90 min $175 | 120 min $225



For booking inquiries email


Sharon Ragan | LMT 9289

Movement Specialist || Holistic Healing

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